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The 'New Normal'
See Coronavirus/COVID-19.
Also known as: SARS-CoV-2, nCov, 2019 Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 - the illness that can affect your lungs and airways caused by coronavirus and now a global pandemic- has affected all our lives. One thing for sure is that it has highlighted the importance of cleanliness.  Also, as lockdown progresses and, given where we are now, emphasis is being placed on psychological well-being. AmeeraHealth's new webpage and (soon-to-be-added) Facebook and Instagram pages reflects - or will soon reflect - both.


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A device that controls who enters a building/facility, sanitises each customer/person both hands and feet/shoes and makes your businesses safe, whatever it is.

Think about the safety of your customers and business.

Applications for all sectors:

  • Sports Facilities
  • Public Activities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Schools and Universities
  • Museums and Libraries and Religious Institutions
    (such as the Basilicata of St. Francis of Assisi, where a Spray For Life device has been installed).

Download the Spray for Life brochure.

AmeeraHealth is the representative for Spray For Life in the U.K and certain others parts of Europe together with certain Middle Eastern markets. Enquiries to be directed to: All enquiries responded to within 48 hours.

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AmeeraHealth is a UK-based company working with partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Continually exploring new healthcare ideas and concepts internationally.