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King's College Hospital London - UAE are proud to announce the opening of its flagship hospital in Dubai Hills, bringing world-class expertise and evidence-based care from the UK to the UAE.

The hospital in-patient services are now open bringing extraordinary experiences and the best of British healthcare to you. For more information please call 04 519 9999.

Renowned women’s health services showcased at Arab Health 2019

Phoenix Hospital Group will be attending Arab Health 2019 to showcase its wide range of women’s health services available for Middle Eastern women.

Situated in the world-famous area of Harley Street, Phoenix specialises in a variety of fields including gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility and menopause care.

More on AmeeraH's Women's Health page - to be added soon.


The London Clinic launches innovative surgical service for Middle Eastern amputees

A pioneering surgical service for above-the-knee amputees across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will be showcased at Arab Health by a renowned UK hospital.

The London Clinic, a private hospital and charity located in London’s Harley Street Medical Area, is the first private hospital in the UK to offer the innovative surgery which aims to improve the function of the limb and reduce pain and skin-related complications.

Military veterans who have suffered serious injury in combat are likely to be suitable candidates for surgery in London, when previously they have had to travel to Australia or the US for treatment.

Osseointegration works by anchoring the prosthesis directly into the thigh bone, using the OPRA (Osseointegrated Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees) implant system, designed by Professor Rickard Brånemark, who is internationally acclaimed as the most experienced surgeon in this field having performed over 400 surgeries.

The London Clinic is working in partnership with London International Patient Services to treat its first patient with Osseointegration.

Mr Paul Culpan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who will be leading the surgical service at The London Clinic, said:

“There’s robust clinical evidence that osseointegration, a pioneering operation for patients with amputations that removes the need for a socket prosthesis, significantly improves quality of life and long-term health.

As the prosthesis is directly connected to the bone it can dramatically improve limb function as well as patient psychology, reducing dependency, improving lifestyle and providing an opportunity to return to work and a more normal life.

furthermore adding:

" We are proud to be able to offer patients from across the Middle East and the opportunity to undergo osseointegration by our experienced trauma surgeons in Harley Street and lead in establishing a world-class osseointegration centre at The London Clinic"

In addition to Osseointegration, the service also includes bespoke hip and knee replacement surgery using tailor made implants to fit the patient and complex trauma (fractures) and plastic reconstructive surgery.

London International Patient Services has previously carried out complex surgery at The London Clinic for several patients including a limb salvage surgery for an Egyptian military patient who has since returned to work.

Colonel Ahmed Ali says:

"“My doctors, Mr Culpan and Mr Chan saved my life. I was in a very bad condition but now I am living. The nursing staff at The London Clinic were very friendly, supportive and kind. During those hard times the physiotherapy was so great and amazing.  I am walking now because of them, the Colorectal team and the hospital's International Office team, they are all so great"

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is taking place from 28-31 January 2019 at the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre. Throughout the exhibition both Mr Paul Culpan and the London Clinic team will be located on the Harley Street Medical Area Stand on the UK Pavilion (hall 7 stand E30).


Royal pharmacy to attend Arab Health to launch Middle Eastern wholesale service

John Bell & Croyden - holders of the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen - will be attending Arab Health 2019 to launch a pioneering pharmacy wholesale service for Middle Eastern hospitals and clinics.

The luxury pharmacy, which is located in Harley Street Medical Area, can supply a full range of pharmaceuticals, medical sundries and products such as skincare and nutrition via its wholesale channel.

With a full pharmaceutical export licence from The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), John Bell & Croyden are able to supply ambient and cold-chain medications, Controlled Drugs and medical sundries anywhere in the world.

The royal pharmacy has years of experience in worldwide supply of pharmaceutical products and can provide all documentation required to clear customs smoothly and rapidly. There are no minimum or maximum order sizes and the team are happy to ship products on a pre-defined schedule or on an ad-hoc basis. 

All products are delivered in their custom-made Royal Warrant bearing packaging and are delivered by fully vetted and trusted logistics partners.

John Bell & Croyden is proud to have a loyal customer base consisting of members of various Middle Eastern Royal Families who visit their London Pharmacy on a regular basis.  Over 60% of its overseas customers come from Middle Eastern countries which is why the pharmacy is delighted to be launching its wholesale service across the MENA region.

Alexander Johnston, General Manager, said:

“John Bell & Croyden has a long history as a destination store for Middle Eastern royalty and distinguished visitors who enjoy the incredible range of products and the luxurious service and surroundings. We feel that the recognition we have gained in the Middle East for our service and standards will hopefully give new clients the confidence to trust us with their pharmaceutical supply needs. We are delighted to be launching our wholesale service at Arab Health 2019.”

John Bell & Croyden is located within the Harley Street Medical Area, London - an area famed for its medical excellence in treating complex and life-threatening conditions. The area, managed by long-term landlord The Howard de Walden Estate, brings together a community of world-renowned medical professionals.


The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is taking place from 28-31 January 2019 at the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre. Throughout the exhibition the John Bell & Croyden team will be located on the Harley Street Medical Area Stand on the UK Pavilion (hall 7 stand E30)

Media Contacts:

For more information or to request an interview please contact:

Julia Price: DD: +44 (0) 7737 864878; Email:

John Bell & Croyden – pharmacists to Her Majesty the Queen – will launch their own branded range of pain and allergy medication at this year’s Arab Health.  

Carrying the prestigious custom-made Royal Warrant-bearing packaging, the products are now available for distribution across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. 

John Bell & Croyden’s products are only sold at its iconic London pharmacy making it an exclusive distribution opportunity for distribution partners in the Middle East.   

Based in the prestigious Harley Street Medical Area, John Bell & Croyden supply a full range of pharmaceuticals, medical sundries and products across skincare and nutrition.  

They have a loyal customer base including a number of Middle Eastern royal families who visit the London pharmacy. Over 60% of its overseas customers come from Middle Eastern countries, which is why the pharmacy is delighted to be making its range available for distribution in the Middle East. 

John Bell & Croyden will be attending Arab Health 2019 to source new distributor partners from the region. Pain and allergy medication will be the first products to be launched, however the luxury pharmacy is keen to expand their branded range with additional products expected in the future. 

Alexander Johnston, General Manager, said:

John Bell & Croyden has an incredible range of luxurious products and have enjoyed a long history as a destination store for Middle Eastern royalty and distinguished visitors. We are keen to sell our own branded range into the MENA region and are looking to speak to any interested partners at Arab Health.”

To arrange a meeting in advance of Arab Health please contact Alexander Johnston or visit the Harley Street Medical Area Stand on the UK Pavilion (hall 7 stand E30) at the show. 








Latest PAXMAN Scalp Cooling System to be showcased at Arab Health

The British-developed pioneering treatment prevents Middle Eastern cancer patients from losing their hair and retain a feeling of normality during chemotherapy.

The improved simplicity of the new generation of PAXMAN Scalp Cooling employs an interactive user interface and touchscreen ensuring ease of use for clinical staff.  Maintaining coolant levels is also simplified by a visual warning system and an easy-to-use self-drain coolant refill bag.

The new control pump manages the speed and coolant flow, improving the consistency of treatment. Manufacturing technique changes have also been introduced – the front cover of the scalp cooling machine is now injection moulded rather than RIM moulded - to improve the overall aesthetics of the system.

Following the successful launch in the US, this updated model is being rolled out across the Middle East, UK and rest of world markets. This is the first time it will be showcased at Arab Health and the company is keen to find new partners from across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The PAXMAN Cooling System (also known as the 'cold cap') alleviates the damage caused to the hair follicle by chemotherapy. It works by reducing the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees immediately before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy.

Made from lightweight silicone, the scalp cooling cap is soft and flexible - providing a snug, yet comfortable fit during treatment, moulding to all head shapes and sizes. Liquid coolant passes through the cap, extracting heat from the young person’s scalp, ensuring it remains at an even, constant temperature to minimise hair loss.

Chemotherapy works by targeting all rapidly dividing cells in the body. Hair is the second fastest dividing cell, and this is the reason why many chemotherapy drugs cause alopecia. The hair follicles in the growth phase are attacked, resulting in hair loss approximately two weeks after the commencement of chemotherapy treatment.

“Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is consistently ranked in the top five most distressing cancer chemotherapy side effects and we are working hard to ensure that cancer patients have a choice against hair loss. We are delighted to be able to offer scalp cooling to Middle Eastern patients and are keen to find new partners from across the region.”

Richard Paxman, CEO at PAXMAN

Throughout Arab Health the Paxman Scalp Cooler will be located on the Leeds City Region stand (H7.H51) in the UK Pavilion.

To find out more about scalp cooling visit

International medical pathway for Middle East patients launched at Arab Health 2019

Edgbaston Medical Quarter is launching a new patient pathway to provide a door-to-door service to international private patients for complex healthcare treatments to Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city.

International private patients and referrers will have a choice of medical concierge options with transparent costs to access the best of UK treatments in oncology, orthopaedics, trauma, diabetes, rehabilitation, fertility and mental health.

Located in the heart of the UK, Edgbaston Medical Quarter is attracting renowned hospitals, specialist care centres and clinicians. The area is a beacon for world-class medical excellence and has become an ideal place for international patients to seek treatment. An example of this is Circle Birmingham Hospital’s new 19,000 sq m (204,514 sq ft) state-of-the-art facility, opening summer 2019, which will treat patients with a wide range of conditions.

Birmingham is a cosmopolitan city with over 40% of the population being from ethnic minorities - of which 21.8% are Muslim. Birmingham International Airport offers direct routes to over 150 worldwide destinations including Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.

Within Edgbaston Medical Quarter there are a wide range of accommodation options to suit individual patient needs, from high end boutique hotels and 4-star luxury hotels, to serviced apartments and homes to rent for family groups and longer stays.

Birmingham boasts over 570 parks – more than any other European city – totalling over 3,500 hectares (14 sq mi) of public open space. Furthermore, it is home to some of the finest shopping and entertainment in the UK, world-class leisure facilities and 6 Michelin starred restaurants.

Mark Lee, Chief Executive, Calthorpe Estates, which is home to Edgbaston Medical Quarter, said:

““Patients choose Edgbaston because of its healthcare excellence, value, and access to eminent clinicians and the latest cutting-edge treatments. Edgbaston Medical Quarter’s medical facilities also sit alongside thriving leisure and lifestyle communities, which means family members and companions can enjoy award-winning places to eat and a host of arts, leisure and sports facilities. It is also a culturally diverse and welcoming city, with beautiful green open spaces which are the perfect place to relax and recover. 
The new medical concierge services deliver a bespoke service and have been designed to guide patients through every aspect of their needs, they help to take the stress away by giving patients and referrers choice, transparency and access to world-class medical care.” 

To find out more about Edgbaston’s new medical concierge package visit the Edgbaston Medical Quarter stand in the UK Pavilion, Hall 7 stand H7D50.

For more information visit


World’s most hygienic digital urine test launched at Arab Health 2019 

The world’s most hygienic, easy-to-use and accurate digital point-of-care urine test is being launched at Arab Health 2019 by UK company, Clinical Design.

The revolutionary Urine Testing System™ has been designed to improve the entire process from receiving the sample and recording results, to analysis in the laboratory.

The highly-intuitive system features sealed, leak-proof samples, automatically-timed readings and the ability to save digital results directly into the patient’s electronic health record.

No decanting is required, reducing the risk of contamination and false positive samples being sent to laboratories. Digital readings are also more accurate compared to manual urinalysis as they eliminate variation in subjective analysis and the risk of error during manual recording.

Urine Testing System™ works seamlessly as a closed integrated system and includes a patented, single-use cap containing reagent pads to test ten parameters: leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, ketone, bilirubin and glucose.

Once the patient has collected the urine sample, the healthcare professional simply connects UTS-10 Cap™; creating a sealed, leak-proof module. This UTS module is then loaded into the UTS Digital Analyser™ and the automatically-timed, digital results are shown on the integrated LCD screen or in the UTS Desktop Software™ if connected to a computer.

The sample can be disposed of in clinical waste or be sent to the laboratory with no need to decant. It is specially designed to fit in standard laboratory racking – and can be purchased with or without boric acid depending on laboratory requirements.

 Oliver Blackwell, CEO of Clinical Design said:

We have developed a simple integrated system that increases the efficacy of patient point-of-care urine testing and improves first-time diagnosis. It is the only closed urine testing system available anywhere in the world and we are delighted to be able to showcase it at Arab Health 2019.

 Point-of-care testing is an ever-increasing area of healthcare for doctors and healthcare professionals globally. Globally, it is estimated that 2.8 billion point-of-care urine tests are carried out for things such as the diagnoses of acute infections, monitoring kidney and liver disease, as well as diabetes.

The current test takes approximately one to two minutes and risks include spillage of a contaminated sample, as well as human errors during analysis and/or the manual recording into a patient's records.

Clinical Design have chosen to launch Urine Testing System™ at Arab Health as it is the international hub for modern healthcare and innovation in the Middle East and beyond.

The senior leadership team from Clinical Design are attending the four-day exhibition to meet distributors from all territories. The company is looking for global partners who recognise the commercial opportunity that this digital innovation will bring to their market and portfolio.

Clinical Design have also been invited to present their Urine Testing System™ at the Innov8 Talks, under the theme ‘Patient Engagement and Monitoring’, on Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 12:30 – 14:30.  The Innov8 Talks are 8 pitches, all 8 minutes long, taking place every day of Arab Health.  With a dedicated theme revolving around innovation in healthcare, the judging panel will determine the best pitch at the end of each day.