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The two most common ways to penetrate the market and conduct business within the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia are a partnership with local distributors and strategic joint venture partnerships.

Although several distributors operate only in the specific regions, most operate throughout the country with a base either in Riyadh or Jeddah. Distributors play a major role in registration of products, acquiring contracts, introducing new products, supply, distribution and logistics of healthcare in KSA. Large distributors are also involved in after sales service and maintenance. Medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, furniture manufacturers amongst others typically do business through distributors in the country. 

Established in 1972, FMS is a leading Riyadh-based company in Saudi Arabia for providing comprehensive range, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and healthcare supplies to the leading hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutes. The company's offering to its healthcare institutions clients include hospitals and clinics design, turn key contracts to supply technology equipment, information systems, medical infrastructure, and continuous provisioning of high end medical supplies and consumables. The company also provides most reliable after sales services and maintenance contracts.

Product Range

FMS provides healthcare products and services in the following clinical segments: Anesthesia & Critical Care Emergency Medical Services, Medical Gases, Surgical & Critical Care Supplies, Surgical Instrumentation, Operating Room Intelligent Solutions, Oncology, Dental Supplies, Surgical Aid, Orthopedics, interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive Cardiology, Cardiac IT solutions, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiac Surgery, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging Solutions, Healthcare IT Solutions, Women Healthcare, and Audiovisual & Lighting Segment.

Moreover, the company has the most respected and long established partnerships with worldwide leading healthcare manufacturers and institutions including Philips, Covidien, Taema, Heinen + Lowenstein, Orion, Arjo, Sony, Canon, KLS Martin Group, TRUMPF, Stryker, Softlink International, Leica Microsystems, Bausch & Lomb, Taema, Penlon, Biotronik, TomTec Imaging Systems, Cambridge Heart, CardioTek, CryoCath, Ritter, Keeler, Oculus, Reichert, Metrovision, Quantel Medical, Telesoft Technologies, Proton Caretec, Bytescribe, Grass Telefactor, LUMEDX, AccuStandard, and Heidelberg Engineering among others.

The company's core values are Excellence, Integrity, Employer of Choice, Social Responsibility and the Elevation of the Image of Saudi-based-businesses.

Social Responsibility includes the company's promise to take pioneering actions, initiatives, and programs to support the societies where we operate and to promote environmental sustainability.

Tel: +966 11 243 9993;  Fax: +966 11 243 9952;;

Tamer Group is a leading healthcare, beauty care, prestige products, and fast moving consumer goods company responding to the growing needs of the Saudi and Middle East communities. The Group’s core activities are import, distribution, promotion, marketing and manufacturing.

Today, Tamer Group has established a special position in the Saudi marketplace, resulting from a unique approach to business, service and customer portfolio.

Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Tamer Group serves many of the world’s leading companies through various agreements, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Ethics, professionalism, quality of service, innovation and trust – these are the key elements that set the Tamer Group’s core values. The Group brings an unusual degree of added value to the services it provides for its partners in the Middle East. This added value is inspired from a deep understanding of the market, sophisticated management information, state-of-the-art facilities, and above all, from professional relationships, relationships that uniquely expose Tamer to various business cultures around the world which ensures continuous learning, development, and progress.

At Al Jeel, they define ourselves by the knowledge they provide. Not only do they offer turnkey solutions and superior healthcare technology, but they also dedicate their expertise to help develop our healthcare partners’ skills, enhance their proficiencies, and directly contribute to patients’ treatment and wellbeing. Patients’ health is their priority.

Medical Specialities include:
Labs, surgical wards, cardiology, ENT, gynaecology, neonatal intensive care, ophthalmology, orthopaedic clinic, urology and women's health.

Recent Trade Fairs the company has participated in:
Saudi Health 2015. Saudi Conference for Colerectal Surgery 2015.
Saudi Dental Society International Conference 2015.

Brands represented include:
BRAINLAB (Germany), Marsden (UK), Atmos (Germany), Erbe (Germany), FARO S.p.A (Italy) and Joerns (UK).

The company caters for all regions of KSA to Clients from various sectors such as: The Ministry of Health, Educational, Military and Private sectors.

Guided by Sheikh Abdulla Fouad, the Founder of Abdulla Fouad Holding Co. has built a significant enterprise in the Kingdom. Its headquarters is in Dammam, the capital of Eastern province of Saudi Arabia but its boundaries are extended beyond, with global business presence.

The business of Abdulla Fouad Holding Co. now encompasses multiple Companies and Divisions in Commercial, Industrial ,Petroleum, Chemical Real Estate, Information Technology, Industrial Security and Safety , Commercial, Amusements, Residential Facilities, Auction, Petroleum Technology, Exploration, Medical, Rubber Technology and manufacturing, Construction and Services sectors, along with affiliations to the leading specialist in the many important field as listed.

Its successful formula always remains “Service with Integrity”

Head Quarter - (Eastern Province):
P.O.Box.257; Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel:(+966 1 3) 92001 2100
Fax: (+966 1 3) 810 2100
For further information E-mail us.
E-mail :
Central Province:
P.O.Box.60001; Riyadh 11545
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966 1 1) 476 7777
Fax:(+966 1 1) 478 6444
Western Province:
P.O.Box.13539; Jeddah 21414
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966 1 2) 6394455 / 6394422
Fax:(+966 1 2) 6396159 / 6390507

Abha Branch location:
Air port road, Abha
Tel: (+966 7) 2272278
Fax:(+966 7) 2271434
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Their Medical Division is one of the leading suppliers representing many renowned manufacturers of state of the art medical equipment, health related supplies and diagnostic products. The Division specialises in handling radioactive material, and is one of the few companies authorised to transport such material throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Al-Ewan Medical Company was established in 1993 to provide state-of-the-art medical services to the population of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, by focusing its activities in healthcare and related fields such as

  • Hospital operations and maintenance 
  • Private healthcare services
  • Spinal, neurosurgery and orthopedic products 
  • Rehabilitation products 
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products 
  • Diagnostic equipments, Kits and reagents 
  • Disposable products 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Ambulances

Contact: PO Box 90819, Riyadh 1123Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: ++ 966 1 4563366 ext: 215Fax: ++ 966 1 4563194
Email: Web:

Balikh Medical Business Ltd. was established in 1975 under the name of Balikh Establishment.

In 1991 it grew into Balikh Medical Business Ltd. Since its establishment and it was considered as one of the leading companies in the field of health care in Saudi Arabia.

Balikh Medical Business specialises in the retail and whole sale of medical and surgical equipment. The company represents some American and European companies that provide the best services to hospitals including The Ministry of Health hospitals, Ministry of defense, and Ministry of internal affairs. Balikh Medical also deals with some specialised hospitals such as The National Guard Hospital and King Faisal Hospital together with several private hospitals.

Balikh represents many of the most renowned companies in the medical field all over Europe - holding the exclusive distributorship rights in Saudi Arabia for companies like Jobskin (UK) Jobst (Germany),  Medi(Germany) , RZ-Medizintechnik (Germany), FABCO-IVALON (USA), Albert Heiss (Germany ), Surgicraft Ltd. (UK), Solaris (USA), Pofam(Poland) and many more.

Those companies manufacture medical and surgical equipment in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Ophthalmic surgery, medical equipment in many medical specialties such as surgical telescopes and needles. The company also imports hospital and clinic furniture and hospital needs from diagnostic equipments to metal containers for operating rooms and many other products.

Balikh Medical Business was the first to introduce burn and lymphodema garments to Saudi hospitals.  They also offer special garments for SDO patients and elderly patients.

Since its inception in 1982,  Salima Corp. has developed its strategies and work procedures to match with its contemporary values and ethics of business. More than thirty years of collective experiences and achievements in the medical field has enabled Salima Corp. to become one of the key players in its field.

Special areas of focus within the medical market : Surgical Instruments (General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dentistry), Dental Requirements, Laboratory Diagnostics & Research, Diabetic Foot, Collagen & Haemostatic, Nano Research, Medical Disposables, Linen & Fabric, Hygiene and Hospital Requirements.

Salima Corp. is one of the leading healthcare providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which represents well-known overseas companies focusing on the health and welfare of society.​

Salima Trading Corp.

Box 8490
Riyadh 11482
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 1 493 0759
Fax: +966 1 493 2819





Rose Aljazera was established in  2000 as a local distributor in Saudi Arabia. Today, Rose Aljazera is playing an important role in the medical, diagnostics and medical-cosmetics business in the Middle East region.

Rose Aljazera,
7065 UNIT 5, Harith Al Tai St.
Malaz, Riyadh 12836-2524

Office: (+9661) 01 2919122
Fax: (+9661) 01 12913592


Children's Health Centre, Jeddah.