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Past event: The largest international trade exhibition for healthcare products, solutions, technology and equipment in Algeria. 

at the Palais des Expositions, SAFEX, Algiers

AmeeraHealth has just returned from 'Algeria Health', the premier event for local Algerian as well as international manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Conferences focusing on Healthcare Facilities Management, Hospital Build and Medical Travel & Tourism were held alongside the event.

organised by:
ATEX International Exhibitions

ATEX International Exhibitions organises both business and educational platforms in the Middle East and Africa attended by thousands of participants every year and provide unique platforms to do business, network and learn.

ATEX International Exhibitions founded in 2001, one of the leading exhibition organiser in Africa, having offices and partners in Libya and Malta

AmeeraHealth was a media sponsor of this event.



Medical and health in Algeria (Kouba, Constantine and Algiers)

Portable ultrasound, Endoscopy and Medical Imaging.  Considering new specialities.

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Engineering & Scientific Laboratory Instruments (ESLI)

Since the creation of the company in 1991 by Mr Hafid Aissa, under the name ELE Electronic Laboratory Equipment, the company is at the origin of what is now ESLI: Engineering & Scientific Laboratory Instruments . Partnered with major manufacturers, ESLI offers a wide range of high performance products in compliance with the current European standards. 

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  • FAX: +213 23 862 681 ; website/

Menad Khalil

Coopérative Errafik,
Villa N°08, Rouiba,

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Biology & Medicine
Renewable Energy and Weather Station

Le Bardo
9, Rue Okba Ibnou Nafaa
2000 Barbo
Tél : +216 71 508 111 - Fax :+216  71 511 556


93 Avenue Hédi Nouira 2037 Ariana Tunisia
Tel : (+216) 71816599;
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Company formed in 1982 covering a wide range of equipment including resuables, disposables, sterilisation products, medical furniture, plastic surgery, O.R. equipement and instrumentation.

From a family vocation to today becoming a second-generation company, Gmiha Houria Medical, continues to develop ....