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"I was on a nightmarish odyssey".  Pain became unbearable at night.  Diagnoses were "The pain is caused by your back" together with "You will have to live with it".  Injections and painkillers reduced my personal wellbeing to the point of resignation. I then heard of Matrix Rhythm Therapy and can feel a definite result after only four treatments.  I feel considerably better.  I no longer take any medication.  My depression is gone.  The quality of my life is back to normal.

Georg Franzen, Hochdorf - See below for more testimonials.


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"Past two years, my entire left hand was paining, tried different therapies but didn’t help. I was having sleepless nights. Once my family friend suggested about this (Matrix) therapy. To my surprise, within two sessions my pain was gone completely. The best part of treatment was, it was done without any surgery or medicine.”

Mrs. V. Hadkar

"The first session of Matrix Rhythmic Therapy using the Matrix equipment and a few physical therapy exercises advised by the therapist, gave complete relief from frozen shoulder. Encouraged by the instant results I continued with the treatment for my back-pain and knee problems. The lumbar spondilosis and knee deterioration needed few more sessions. But the progress is marvellous & magical. The instant relief from pain & restoration of joint movement shas brought me back my cheer &mobility. I am completely relieved of the mental fear of undergoing knee replacement surgery & the rigorous post operative care.”The best part of treatment was, it was done without any surgery or medicine.”

Mrs. Lalitha, School for Special Children, Mumbai

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