Management Forum’s Animal Health events schedule is designed to provide a unique educational platform to understand the regulatory, clinical and pharmacovigilance requirements, and to discover best practices for the development of veterinary pharmaceutical and biological medicines. 

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Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU 

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This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the entire regulatory dossier submission for approval of a feed additive in the EU, taking participants through all the necessary steps to obtain marketing authorisation.

Presentations will cover the regulatory framework and data required to establish the characterisation, quality, safety and efficacy of the different types of feed additives. An important part of the programme will be devoted to working on case studies in the workshop sessions.

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Management Forum's In-House Veterinary Training:

For companies with a number of personnel who require training or who have a particular training requirement we can deliver our courses ‘in-house’ on your company's site. We can offer either one of our existing courses (which can be adapted to suit you requirements) or we can develop a bespoke course exclusively for you. Training is provided with the same knowledgeable tutors we use for our existing conferences and seminars and can be offered in all sectors.

Our experienced staff are happy to discuss your needs. For information enquiries on Animal Health In-house Training click here.   day course Working through Veterinary Drug Development in the EU and the USA

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Equi-N-ice Stable Pack   
Equi-N-ice Cooler Rug

Equiplus, manufacturers of the lauded Equi-N-Ice range of products including: Cooling bandages; Coolant;andThe Rapid Cooler Rug.

Equi-N-icE Products are based on a unique cooling system based on rapid evaporation to create a cooling balm effect.

Equi-N-icE is a very good idea, one that makes treatment and cooling simple and effective, we find it immensely useful.

Sarah Coombes
Endurance Vet.

The most exciting product on the market

Jimmy Linley, Champion Jockey​

No refrigeration, no mess, no mixing and no unpleasant smell... and there are strong indications that the product has a new marketplace in a traditional setting, as it is already drawing in wide support on the thoroughbred horseracing scene."

Howard Wright, Pacemaker